Our Beginning

My name is Brannon Poore, and I started this company in 2004. I wanted to give you a brief history of the company so that you would know where we came from. The truth is that the company was born out of necessity really. I was a troubled youth as I was growing up and ended up getting into a lot of trouble before the age of 19, was in and out of jail, and everyone thought (with good reason) that I was a lost cause and would never amount to anything or ever contribute to the world that I lived in. However, when I was 20 years old, I had an encounter with Jesus Christ and it forever changed my life. He changed the desires of my heart, placed a passion inside of me for the things of God, and called me into the ministry. I quit the lifestyle that I had previously lived and started to search for God's call on my life and the path that He would have me take. 

My girlfriend at the time (my wife now) had stuck by my side through all of the trouble and all of the heartache. She was a Christian, and I tell people all the time that she was my shining star that lead me to Jesus. She and her family were true examples to me and had a large part in God changing my life. We started dating in high school in the 10th and 11th grade and have been together ever since. How she has put up with me I will never know. When my life was changed and I was putting things in order, I asked her to be my wife and she said yes. I enrolled at North Greenville University seeking a BA in Christian Studies intending to go into the ministry. I had to work a full time job which caused me to have to go to school at night. When my wife and I got married we had nothing. Her dad was helping us put gas in our cars. I was a part time student, a full time electrician, and she was a school teacher. I was working 50 hours a week trying to make ends meet and going to school at night. We did this for about 2 years and I had exhausted all of the night classes that NGU offered and was faced with a huge decision. If I was going to continue to go to school, at least there, I was going to have to get another job or figure something else out.

I was talking to an old friend one day and he told me that he had an old set of climbing gear that he had bought from a guy for $50.00 and said that he would sell it to me. Now, I had helped a tree guy before for a while in the summers when I was in high school and was a laborer for a guy after high school but had never climbed in my life. I bought the gear any how and just tried it out in my own back yard. I would go up about 10 feet and get terrified and come down. The next time I would go 20 feet, get terrified and come down. I kept this up until I could finally reach the top of the tree and began to teach myself how to climb. I started doing small jobs on the weekends and I was still working full time in Greenville as an electrician. It was getting crunch time as my last semester was coming to an end and there would be no more night classes that I could take. I had to decide what to do.

I was making about as much on the weekend as I was during the week, so after much prayer, my wife and I decided to "go out on a limb" and start JB Trees and the company was born. This company allowed me to work three days and go to schoold 2 days and still make enough money to pay the bills and get by. The company slowly grew and we invested the money back into the company as much as possible. We started with an old pick up truck and an old saw and the Lord was in it. I had my first child in 2007, Titus Poore, and my life was getting pretty full. I was a full time husband, full time dad, part time student, and was trying to run a business.

God got us through the tough times and blessed us tremendously. We tried to grow in every area of life and become better where and when we could. I graduated from NGU in 2010 with a BA in Christian Studies and began to pray that God would give me clear vision on what He wanted me to do. The company had grown considerably and was employing several men and I knew that I was to continue in this and that I was to minister as well.

As we began to see God's vision more clearly, He put in my heart that He wanted us to start a new church in Landrum, SC called The Well. God made this a reality, and in 2012, we launched The Well Church and God continued to bless. I am so thankful to be able to be used by God and I hope that He continues to lead and guide all of us so that we can give back as much as possible to our community and that we can be used to build His Kingdom.

The company has continued to grow and in 2013 we added the landscaping division to the company. We have gone from 1 guy in a pick up with a chainsaw to 2 crews with seven men, bobcats, bucket truck, dump trucks, chipper, chip trucks, and more. God has blessed this business and I am amazed. He has always been faithful.  I now have 3 handsome boys and 1 beautiful girl that are just amazing and I am more in love with my wife than ever.  I cannot wait to see what the next ten years holds for us if the Lord sees fit to give us the years. Take advantage of today because we are never promised tomorrow. Thank you so much for reading and looking into JB Trees and Scapes, and whether or not you choose to trust us with you work, remember that Christ is King--He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

God Bless,
Brannon Poore/Owner